Jan 24, 2012

What's My Niche?

Podcasting, blogging, social media, community building - let's do it!  I'm sold!  But what's my niche?  Originally, I saw this blog as a space to connect with people while we journeyed towards our mental and physical health.   But immediately my rebellious nature kicked in and I began to feel confined.  First it was the meta: (If I'm writing, surely its ok to write about writing, right?  If we're on social media, it's fair game to post about posting - right?)  But this loose-goosey free-for-all mentality is a slippery, albeit intriguing  slope(sediment! Cool.).   I can't stay "on topic" for beans (black beans are lowest in fat). Everything interests me. (Did u know it's impossible to lick your elbows?!)   What don't I want to talk about? (i dont know. Nothing!...Country music?)   It would be far easier to define that, then attempt to describe what I do want to talk about. ()

But will traversing from treadmills to teradactyls to tonka trucks turn off my 30 existing buddies (Hamasasya 'subscribers")?  I've read about it, thought about it, prayed about (ok, slight exaggeration), and then thought - I'll just tinker.  And  threw up a bunch of subject-centric blogs where I could direct all my future divergent affairs.  At first it was exciting. And then a little daunting.  And then considerably schizophrenic  And now I'm right back to where I started - stumped.   Sure I can create content, subdivide into multiple forums, and simultaneously develop segregated (but equal) relationships.  But sustaining quality content is a completely separate issue.

Oh me, oh my - this is such the reflection of my life.  Neve satisfied with just being a nerd.  Had to be a drama kid.  A hippie.  A wannabe athlete.  A jokester.  Had to be friends with the band kids. The stoners.  The budding republicans.  The anarchists.  Even a few people budding on the peripheral of cool.


My identity crisis clearly started at birth.

So, the question is - how many topics CAN we discuss in one place before alienating everybody?  Should i redefine this space and allow folks to self-select?  Should I keep this space and add a secondary misc. catch-all forum and discuss a wide cross-section of topics and indulge my every whim?  Or, at the end of the day will this leave me alone in a room talking to myself.   How do you balance your own personal interests with the desire to create and nurture a community - one where people feel comfortable, want to contribute, and feel like they belong? 

I need thoughts! Help!

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