Jan 31, 2012

Brazilian Blowout: Formaldehyde risks Must Now Be Disclosed

By The Associated Press

The maker of a popular line of hair-straightening products has agreed to alert consumers that two of its formulations emit formaldehyde gas, a possible carcinogen, California's attorney general announced.
The labeling changes are designed to settle a lawsuit the state filed in November against the company that makes Brazilian Blowout products, which have been a boon for those who dislike their naturally curly tresses but a source of health concerns.

The products are applied during salon treatments and coupled with high heat to temporarily smooth the hair shaft.

The rest of the article is here.

This is great news considering formaldehyde was officially labeled as carcinogenic (cancer causing) by a recent congressional report.
The same report lists 6 other  “reasonably anticipated” carcinogenic substances contained in our everyday household products which is as equally alarming.  They include:
  • Styrene  In food containers (like coffee cups) rubber, plastic, insulation, carpet, cigarettes (That's why I converted to all glassware in the kitchen!!! So SCARY!)
  • Captafol  In fruit/vegetables/grass/plants fungicide  (GO ORGANIC)
  • Inhalable glass wool fibers   In insulation   (There has be some creative green alternatives?) 
  • O-Nitrotoluene In fabrics, leather and paper dyes, rubber, pesticides
  • Riddelliine  In herbal medicine and some tea  (Yikes! I wonder which ones?!)


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