Jan 29, 2012

New Site: An Inspirational Quote a Day

Made a simple little site tonight.  Just for fun.  If folks want to, they can subscribe to the feed.   And each quote is labeled to be searchable in the topic cloud on the bottom, which i think is kinda cool, and handy.

To kick it off, I "pre-loaded" the site with a couple months of posts, and scheduled them to post one day at a time in the future!  I love that you can do that now here!

Also was thinking - wouldn't it be cool to use quotes from Twitter & Facebook friends too?   I think so!  Everyone loves the oldies and goodies, but we all have wisdom to share!    So why not spread the love!??!  <3    If you want to, please subscribe!  And send me quotes!!! :))  Xoxo


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