May 30, 2011

How do you get yourself going after getting off track?

All of us get into a slump now and then.  All of us have also pulled ourselves back up, and recovered.  Some of us though, suffer needlessly with self-defeating attitudes or counterproductive behavior.  ::sheepishly-raising-hand:: Wouldn’t it be nice to just CUT THAT OUT and go straight to the road of health and happiness and balance?  Feelin’ as though I’m in a bit of a rut myself, I thought I’d REACH OUT (my pro-active first step-YAY me!), and ask my wonderful Twitter friends for THEIR help and thoughts and suggestions. Of course, they didn’t disappoint. Check out all of this incredible, thoughtful motivation and wisdom…  I am blessed.


How do you get yourself going after getting off track? Curious.
Stacey Julia
@staceyjulia   Stacey Julia
@Hamsasya I stop & reflect,why did i get off track? Learn so I can stay on the tract, remind myself i am in control & PRESS FORWARD!!!!
Lisa Marino
Lisa Marino
@Hamsasya Great question! I take some time to review why I started the journey to a healthier me. Getting back mentally is key.
Mikie Park Gillmore
@mikiepocd   Mikie Park Gillmore
@Hamsasya  quoting @JillianMichaels: When you have a flat tire, you don’t get out and slash the other three. You fix the flat and keep going.
Angelique Plute
@angelcrash25 Angelique Plute
@Hamsasya  Change your thinking and tell yourself you can, you are the only person keeping you from starting over.It’s another
@Hamsasya    It’s hard but I usually just remind myself I’m human, how strong I am, and that I have the capability to overcome anything.
deb gutierrez
@dgutie8  deb gutierrez
@Hamsasya one of my favs: A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than doing nothing!
Karin Hays
  Karin Hays
@Hamsasya  Sit down and remind yourself of the top 5 reasons you wanted to do this to begin with. It feels so good to be in control.
@Hamsasya  try not think about how OFF track I got and just move forward slowly :)
@Hamsasya wipe and move on…
@PindaBully  How?
@Hamsasya an experience is an experience, good bad or indifferent its still an experience. you say this sucked, but wipe and move on.  You cant change 5 seconds ago, but you can change 5 seconds from now. make a choice live in the past or move on to the future
@Hamsasya  jump back on the horse:)
Jo Mama
Jo Mama
@Hamsasya    I just do it. Don’t think about it, don’t dwell on it, I just do it. Not saying it’s easy, though.
Kathy Gomez

@Hamsasya Take it a day at a time… ook at what’s important-YOU ARE IMPORTANT! I tell myself that constantly-we are all human, but you have to push!

So, how about you? How do YOU get yourself back on track?  Please do join the discussion!




May 26, 2011

Your life is speaking to you, what is it saying?

“People often ask me, what is the secret to the success of the show?  How have we lasted 25 years?  I non-jokingly say, “My team and Jesus.”  Because nothing but the hand of God has made this possible for me.  For all of you who get riled up when I mention God and you want to know which God am I talkin bout, I’m talkin about the same one you talk about: I’m talkin bout the alpha and omega, the omniscient, the omni-present, the ultimate consciousness, the source, the force, the all of everything there is, the one and only, G. O. D. – that’s the one I’m talking about.  I know I’ve never been alone and you haven’t either.  And I know that that presence, that flow, (some people call it grace), is working in my life at every single turn), and yours too if you let it in.  It’s closer than your breath and it is yours for the asking.  How do I know this?

…..From Mississippi, to this moment with you, I know what a miracle that is.   I have felt the presence of God my whole life even when I didn’t have a name for it I could feel the voice bigger than myself speaking to me and all of us have that same voice. Be still. And know it. You can acknowledge it or not.  You can worship it or not.  You can praise it. You can ignore it.  Or you can know it.  Know it.  It’s always there speaking to you. And waiting for you to hear it. In every move in every decision I wait, and I listen. I’m still. I wait and listen for the guidance that’s greater than my meager mind. The only time I ever made mistakes is when I didn’t listen.   So what I know is, God is love. And God is life. And your life is always speaking to you. First in whispers.  And a whisper is your life feels like, “Hmm. That’s odd.”  or “That don’t make no sense!” or “Hmm. Is that right?”  It’s subtle, those whispers – and if you don’t pay attention to the whispers it gets louder and louder, louder.  It’s like getting thumped upside the head, like my grandmother used to do – thump you upside the head.  If you don’t pay attention to that, it’s like a brick upside your head.  And if you don’t pay attention to that the whole brick wall falls down, that’s the pattern that’s I’ve seen in my life and it’s played out over and over again on this show. 

And so I ask you, what are the whispers in your life right now?  What’s whispering to you?   And will you hear it?  Your life is speaking to you, what is it saying? “ 

~Oprah, during her very last show, May 2011

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Mondrian Vase  


May 18, 2011

Food Journaling: An essential tool for recovery

…Another great journaling technique: Record your hunger level on a scale of 1-10 along with your thoughts/feelings before eating & again after eating. It’s a really interesting way to observe the relationship between your feelings & eating habits and to pick up on patterns that you might not have been consciously aware of.On the scale: a “1″ would be absolutely ravenous/starving, and a “10″ would be super stuffed, eating to discomfort.  A “5″ would be not stuffed/not hungry, but neutral.   So, the “ideal” (for non-disordered eating), would be to reside around the middle of the scale as much as possible.  (Thus, eating every 4 hours, keeping blood sugars steady, etc)   …For emotional eaters who may have less experience connecting their eating habits to actual physical hunger, this might not be an easy task actually.  I’m still working on it after years.  But – it is SO illuminating.  My strongest advice though, is to suspend judgment as much as possible when journaling.  When we eat TO be unconscious, TO stuff things down, TO self-medicate, it’s a habit that’s not easy to break.  We have to remind ourselves that it’s a process, a journey, and just like parenting a child, it takes time and patience, and kindness.  For example, if you find yourself eating to a “9″ when you started at a “5″  (eating to physical pain when you weren’t even hungry to start with), instead of berating yourself “I shouldn’t have done that”,  try the more gentler inquisitive approach: “Gee, I wonder why I did that?”   Then, look to the feeling/thinking/doing notations for your answers.
It’s a discovery process, an adventure!  And it gives you the tools and power to begin thinking HEALTHY substitutes to using food as a “go-to” coping mechanism.

May 2, 2011

The Gift of Kickstarts

Sometimes it’s just that little bit of help, that creates just that little bit of hope, that’s enough to get you going again.  It’s that
infusion of energy and belief that maybe, just maybe you CAN do it.  Like that iconic Biggest Loser scene where the contestants pull entire cars with just the strength of their bodies.  It seems absolutely unbelievable, impossible! How could one little person pull thousands of pounds of car? But really, it’s just those first few steps that are the greatest struggle.  Once you’re in motion, you just keep rolling…..



May 1, 2011

Our Group Bucket List

What do you really want out of your life? What would you like to do before you die? 
Let your imagination run wild!

Scott Houchins
@daddynole Scott Houchins
@Hamsasya Here’s a few of my #bucketlist items:
1 – Travel to every major world capital.
2 – Meet & chat with a US President, Face-to-face
3 – Own a restaurant. Full-service, not Fast-food.
4 – Be COMPLETELY debt free, so that: (more to come)
5 – Speak to a crowd of thousands about health and wellness! (after I finish my own journey, of course!)

@Lucie_lou81 Lucie
@Hamsasya ooooee bucket list ok..
Swim with sharks (and not get eaten).
Learn to fly.
Travel Australia.
Own a beach house.

Kate Northrup Moller
@katenorthrup Kate Northrup Moller
My bucket list wish for today: Meet + become friends with Ellen DeGeneres. She’s my favorite!

Angela Rauscher
@angelarauscher Angela Rauscher
learn a foreign language fluently
learn to play guitar
make a difference in the world,
TRAVEL all continents
quiet my mind. :)

1) listen to Cesar Millan live

2) go to NY
3) LA
4) Australia. 1,2 & 3 will b achieved this year & hopefully Australia next year :)
5) is my biggest dream…to meet the gorgeous @JillianMichaels

@Just_Willow Willow
#1 have a family.
#2 travel Europe
#3 make a positive difference.
#4 visit elephant sanctuary in Africa.
#5 learn to play drums.

Janet McClearen
@ janetmcclearen Janet McClearen
Would like to visit China and/or India.
Write that book.
Semester at Sea/Currently reading Countdown to first ever May Voyage is on! –
Jeremy Kunkel
@PeakStateFS Jeremy Kunkel
@Hamsasya Help 1,000,000 people drastically change their lives through fitness! Hoping it will have a butterfly effect!

@ melrocks Melanie
@Hamsasya My bucket list is to see all the wonders of the world. I’ve already started.

Jeffrey Scott
Jeffrey__Scott Jeffrey Scott
@Hamsasya My bucket list item is to be published author. One of my books, or a collection of my poems.

Lisa Marino
L_Marino Lisa Marino
@Hamsasya Easy – wife, kids, beach house in CA for summer, cabin in NC for winter. And throw in a red Lamborghini.

Tommy Hearn
@ tommyhearn Tommy Hearn
@Hamsasya I want to be on a first name basis with the World.
@Hamsasya I want to make a difference.
@Hamsasya I want to workout on the biggest loser ranch!!
@Hamsasya I would like to see all art Europe has to offer.
@Hamsasya I want to see one of my creations grace the runway at NY Fashion Week

Christa Diehl (Deal)
@Kudi_chan  Christa Diehl (Deal)
Good question!!
I want to travel to Paris, drink coffee and draw in my sketch book for an entire summer.
#3 Experience Disneyland for the first time with my kids as they do too! :)
#4 Be an alumni for a weight loss show and raise money and awareness for Intracranial Hypertension. Or just organize a 5K. :)
#5 the last to Japan and experience the cherry blossom festival. After learning Japanese of course. ^_^

Marie Cauley
@writerchickmc  Marie Cauley
Love this question!
Travel Europe,
spin with @MyTrainerBob and dance with @MaksimC!!!
Learn to play tennis at least somewhat like a pro…
and have @JillianMichaels kick my butt in the gym! ;o)

Sarah Crosby
@ saywhatsarah Sarah Crosby
love the bucket list idea! I have so many things I wanna do lol
Oh where to begin lol!
#1 travel to Italy with my Italian mama and experience it together for the first time :)
#2 wear a bikini again! lol. Lose 125 pounds and keep it off for good!
#3 – go back to school for performing arts and dance. I want to one day dance on stage for a major production! :)
#4 start an organization for women & men who are survivors of physical, mental, emotional &/or sexual abuse. I’m a survivor myself
#5 run an organized 5k, half-marathon, and full-marathon.
I could do this all night lol. Like get my motorcycle license, bungee jump, surf, travel to every state, & the list goes on & onok 2 more & then I’ll quit lol #6 ADOPT! I’ve always wanted to even as a kid. There are so many children who need a loving home :)
#7 personal train with Bob &/or Jillian from #BiggestLoser at least once. I want them to kick my bootay up and down the gym lolok I’m almost to 10 so I’ll keep going… This is too fun lol
#8 be an MTV vj for a day
#9 call every person that’s made a positive impact in my life from birth until now and thank them :)  #10 finish writing the books I’ve started since age 10 and have at least one published

Brooke Farmer
brooke_farmerBrooke Farmer
@Hamsasya Making it to Australia used to be on mine, but I am there now.
@Hamsasya I want to quit smoking.
@Hamsasya I want to have at least one novel published.
@Hamsasya I want to see my son live a happy, successful life.
@HamsasyaI want to start an outreach program that really has an impact.
@Hamsasya Oh! And Italy is for sure on my list!

Michael Craighead
MichaelOrganic Michael Craighead
@Hamsasya Off the top of my head #1 A PhD in Nutrition
#2 Mastering Kendo (Japanese Sword Fighting)
#3 Opening a themed #Organic restaurant
Dave leblanc
@davel424 Dave leblanc
1-Out live my parents! Done :(
#2 #BL12 hopefully!
#3 Lose 175lbs
#4-fly on a plane
#5 – Reach my 50 wed anniversary (30 next yr!)

Tracey Somers
@saturn898  Tracey Somers
Get to my heathy weight
Visit the uk
Buy a car
Have kids,
Take a world tour

Defenitely on my list: see northen lights.
& not get upset if i think people are mean, they useally dont uh mean it as bad as I think they do!