May 30, 2011

How do you get yourself going after getting off track?

All of us get into a slump now and then.  All of us have also pulled ourselves back up, and recovered.  Some of us though, suffer needlessly with self-defeating attitudes or counterproductive behavior.  ::sheepishly-raising-hand:: Wouldn’t it be nice to just CUT THAT OUT and go straight to the road of health and happiness and balance?  Feelin’ as though I’m in a bit of a rut myself, I thought I’d REACH OUT (my pro-active first step-YAY me!), and ask my wonderful Twitter friends for THEIR help and thoughts and suggestions. Of course, they didn’t disappoint. Check out all of this incredible, thoughtful motivation and wisdom…  I am blessed.


How do you get yourself going after getting off track? Curious.
Stacey Julia
@staceyjulia   Stacey Julia
@Hamsasya I stop & reflect,why did i get off track? Learn so I can stay on the tract, remind myself i am in control & PRESS FORWARD!!!!
Lisa Marino
Lisa Marino
@Hamsasya Great question! I take some time to review why I started the journey to a healthier me. Getting back mentally is key.
Mikie Park Gillmore
@mikiepocd   Mikie Park Gillmore
@Hamsasya  quoting @JillianMichaels: When you have a flat tire, you don’t get out and slash the other three. You fix the flat and keep going.
Angelique Plute
@angelcrash25 Angelique Plute
@Hamsasya  Change your thinking and tell yourself you can, you are the only person keeping you from starting over.It’s another
@Hamsasya    It’s hard but I usually just remind myself I’m human, how strong I am, and that I have the capability to overcome anything.
deb gutierrez
@dgutie8  deb gutierrez
@Hamsasya one of my favs: A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than doing nothing!
Karin Hays
  Karin Hays
@Hamsasya  Sit down and remind yourself of the top 5 reasons you wanted to do this to begin with. It feels so good to be in control.
@Hamsasya  try not think about how OFF track I got and just move forward slowly :)
@Hamsasya wipe and move on…
@PindaBully  How?
@Hamsasya an experience is an experience, good bad or indifferent its still an experience. you say this sucked, but wipe and move on.  You cant change 5 seconds ago, but you can change 5 seconds from now. make a choice live in the past or move on to the future
@Hamsasya  jump back on the horse:)
Jo Mama
Jo Mama
@Hamsasya    I just do it. Don’t think about it, don’t dwell on it, I just do it. Not saying it’s easy, though.
Kathy Gomez

@Hamsasya Take it a day at a time… ook at what’s important-YOU ARE IMPORTANT! I tell myself that constantly-we are all human, but you have to push!

So, how about you? How do YOU get yourself back on track?  Please do join the discussion!




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