Jun 18, 2011

Project Awesome Gets AWESOMER???!!

ProjectAwesome: Supporting Our Friends in Wellness  

Guess what!  Project Awesome is now not only viewable and accessible, but can also be updated by each of the participants by going 

Meaning - now EVERYONE can go to this page, enter their goals for the week, adjust them,  enter their progress, and so on.  How cool is this?!  When you have a moment, would you please take a look and let me know what you think?  To enter data, you just need to click on a cell (to the right of your name) and type.  As soon as you enter your goals and results, it will be viewable by all.  And we can all make updates to the same sheet at the same time!  

More kewl stuff around the corner.... But, this will be a nice stepping stone for the moment, I think.



PS: If you're not allready a member of #PROJECTAWESOME and would be interested in joinin up!  Please leave me a comment!  We're recruiting!  And the more awesome the better.


  1. It looks great Annie!
    Awesome work. How does it work exactly? Do you have to just type in and save? Or sign in, edit your goals and save?

  2. Thanks guys!

    Tammy, yes, you can just select any cell and type in and save. And as soon as you enter anything, it will be immediately viewable to everyone else! So, we can all work on it at the same time!

  3. YEAH!! Glad I scrolled down to find out we can add our own progress. Kept wondering if you were updating. Getting back into the loop since vacation. Trying to recover. Vacation just about did me in. Some my own choices, some vacation issues just couldn't be helped. Finally getting back on track. Happy to see you're expanding. :)