Jun 19, 2011

Little Victories Add Up

Little Choices Make BIG Transformation, and over time, it's "little things" that come together to create the most AMAZING impacts.  Every time we choose an apple over a bagel, stairs over an elevator, baked over fried, for example, we make micro-shifts. Each time we make these choices, it is a VICTORY.  Over time, these victories transform into habits that transform our lives.

EVERY time you make a proactive life-affirming healthy choice, take a moment, soak it in, feel a sense of PRIDE, acknowledge that in making that choice, you just made a positive step towards wellness and an INVESTMENT in YOU.  Pat yourself on the back.  And most importantly, CELEBRATE YOUR EFFORTS. 

What's ONE proactive life-affirming healthy choice that you made today?  It doesn't matter what it is - there's nothing "too small" - nothing too "insignificant".  It can even be a split-second moment where you simply made A BETTER CHOICE.  A choice that reflected a belief in yourself.  That brought you CLOSER to your goals and dreams.  It could be ANYTHING!    Just leave it here so we can support eachother and CELEBRATE OUR LITTLE VICTORIES TOGETHER.   EACH and EVERY one of your "little victories" matters.  And you deserve to celebrate ALL of them!


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  1. Having a great meeting with someone who believes in me and affirms my goals. Lifted me RIGHT UP.