Jun 13, 2011

Teams and Purpose

Janet McClearen"@SarahCole00 @AskMarianne @Deritho @writerchickmc Didn't want to let #TEAMSTRONG down. ;) Thanks for motivation."    ~@JanetMcClearan, June 13, 2011 

Janet McClearen

Writer, reader, learner, hunter-gatherer (hunt and gather wisdom from a variety of sources) :-) wife, mother, grandma, care-giver

This is what it's all about.  It fills me with happiness. It's everything I could hope #TEAMAWESOME would be be. Support, encouragement, camaraderie, hope.   Isn't it amazing what can happen when we just come together?  It's that simple. We need each other.  We want to be together.  To give.  We are meant to be in connection.  Our spirits crave it. It seems that often the only this missing is the vehicle.  A place to connect.   Thank you Janet, you motivate me to keep going, to do more!   ♥

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