Nov 30, 2011

How Does Your State Stackup?

20 yrs of Unemployment Rates in Video

Pretty amazing stuff from Google.

They've accumulated data from the past 20 years, which you can play-back via a state-by-state graph. Starting from January 1990, you can watch our unemployment rates ebb and flow right before your very eyes, and skyrocket to the current state of less-than-awesome affairs. 

It appears that Puerto Rico currently has the dubious distinction of having the highest unemployment at a whopping 16.1%   (whoa :0/ ) followed by Nevada, at 13.4%.

The lowest in the country is.......(drumroll please).... North Dakota! at 3.5%!   They must be doing something right!  I wonder what it is??? We need to replicate it pronto!

[Data from: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics]

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