Jul 20, 2011

Today I Choose to Embrace my Imperfection

“There’s no point! I messed everything up!”
Are you an all-or-nothing kinda person? Perfectionism can cause procrastination, underachievement, paralyzing fear and workaholism.

I have a RIGHT to make mistakes! It is OK to experiment along the journey of life. With practice, patience, kindness & persistence I strive to EMBRACE IMPERFECTION.

Instead of black and white, I soak up all the lovely shades in-between and all their delicate beauty. I strive for moderation, balance, the middle-path. I EMBRACE IMPERFECTION

Cultivating compassion for others is great practice for learning to also have compassion for myself. I am gentle and kind - regardless of the situation, I have genuine compassion for me. I EMBRACE IMPERFECTION

I don't fight with my nasty inner-critic! Instead, I give it hugs and kisses. I measure my success not by awards or accolades, but rather, how I persist in spite of fear. I EMBRACE IMPERFECTION

BABYSTEPS. Every moment is a brand new fresh opportunity to begin again. I Show Up. I do my best. Because something good always comes of it. I EMBRACE MY IMPERFECTION


  1. Janet Duros McClearen (@janetmcclearen) wrote:

    "Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 45

    Great accomplishment seems imperfect,
    Yet it does not outlive its usefulness.
    Great fullness seems empty,
    Yet it cannot be exhausted.

    Great straightness seems twisted.
    Great intelligence seems stupid.
    Great eloquence seems awkward.

    Movement overcomes cold.
    Stillness overcomes heat.
    Stillness and tranquility set things in order in the universe."

  2. First of all, you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Just thought I'd comment on that immediate observation. :)

    Second, love this post and glad to discover your page. I love blogging, it's therapeutic and you are right on with the embracing imperfection, it helps us GROW!

  3. AmAzInG! Can you come and be my lifecoach?!!! I'll pay you in raisins?! Hope u like them ;) Keep it up! What a wonderful resolve to have with yourself! I'm slowly moving from the "all or nothing" mentality. . .